Blymyer Engineers expands Odessa office

In 2007, Blymyer Engineers opened an office in Odessa, Ukraine. The Odessa office has grown steadily since then, with the location now home to 14 electrical engineers, a structural engineer, and support staff. A new 2,500-square-foot office will give the Blymyer team in Odessa more room to grow. 

“The Odessa office is a tremendous success,” says Greg Mazur, director of engineering at Blymyer. “Our team of engineers in Odessa has grown in just two years by about 30 percent. Odessa is home to several excellent universities, so smart young people come to Odessa to study. They stay for the high quality of life. We’re able to recruit talented engineers in Odessa. That’s reflected in our growing team’s need for a larger space.”

Lending a hand with substations and more 

Blymyer’s home office in Alameda, California, takes the lead on all projects. The team in Odessa collaborates with staff in Alameda to keep projects moving forward quickly. A 10-hour time difference means that engineering on many projects continues almost 24 hours a day. The Odessa team has acquired significant experience on renewable energy and energy storage technology. They use the latest design and analysis software to engineer projects. 

Demand for substations related to renewable energy projects has expanded rapidly in recent years. The Odessa office includes five electrical engineers focused almost exclusively on substation design. A structural engineer supports their efforts. 

“The Odessa team has proved crucial to our ability to meet the growing demand for renewable energy and substation engineering expertise,” says Mazur. “Having a group of engineers dedicated to substations gives us a speed and skill edge. Familiarity helps them spot and resolve potential issues using best practices faster. My peers in Odessa are an integral part of the Blymyer team.”