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Blymyer Engineers sets the standard for excellence in electrical, mechanical, structural and civil engineering on renewable energy projects

Blymyer Engineers collaborates closely with clients to deliver projects that exceed their expectations. Attention to detail, a deep understanding of our industry, and a focus on innovation means that our clients achieve their goals while working with a highly experienced, talented team. Our firm of over 40 engineers excels at projects ranging from feasibility studies and conceptual designs to the engineering of entire facilities.

Founded as an industrial engineering and project management firm

Expand services into environmental sector

Sister company, BEI Construction, established to provide commercial construction services

Engineered first solar project

First design/build photovoltaic project is featured in Engineering News-Record

Pioneers pre-check designs for solar canopies at California schools that are approved by DSA

Engineered energy storage for Tesla and PV projects

Expand engineering services into wind projects

Design services expanded to Substations and EV Charging.

Fifteen year anniversary of European office

17GW of engineered solar total to date. 6,885MW of engineered substation. 5,940MWh of engineered battery storage.

Our staff—your project partners

Dedicated and passionate about our work, Blymyer’s engineers provide clients with exceptional quality service and results. Our engineers are licensed in 43 states. Longstanding relationships with architects, developers, commercial and industrial clients, and renewable energy companies across the United States allow us to maximize efficiency and ensure reliable outcomes.

We are research and incorporate new technologies that will advance the progress of renewable energy and leave a lasting mark on our planet’s health. Our work is focused on creating a greener, more resilient energy future to leave the planet healthier for following generations. Offering full-service renewable energy engineering in multiple industries, as well as energy storage solutions and EV charging, Blymyer Engineers will continue to grow and innovate to meet the challenges of developing and expanding the clean energy industry.

Our European office includes skilled engineers who support all of our U.S. and international projects so we can deliver exceptional service around the clock.

Renewable leadership:

Mike Rantz, President; Greg Mazur, Director of Engineering; and Mike Lewis

Blymyer Engineers Logo

“Blymyer Engineers values our client relationships and takes pride in delivering exceptionally high-quality work. That’s why over 90% of our business comes from referrals and repeat clients.”

—Michael Rantz, President, Blymyer Engineers

Frequently Asked Questions

A.  Blymyer Engineers is a full-service engineering firm focused on the renewable energy industry. Our services include energy modeling and analysis, conceptual design, structural engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, detailed design, cost estimates, permitting, construction administration, construction assistance and project management.

A.  We completed our first solar project in 2003, and have been growing and innovating with the industry since then, expanding into wind power, energy storage, substations, and EV charging.

A.  Our engineers hold licenses in 43 states.

A.  Our role as a consulting engineer is to assist our clients with solutions throughout the design process. We can handle the entire design process or step in at any point along the way to provide expert assistance.

A.  No, Blymyer Engineers is not an EPC, we are a design consultant company. We generally analyze the requirements of the project and then partner with, or refer to, an established EPC firm. Since 2003 we have been designing renewable energy projects and have developed trusted relationships with a network of providers.

A.  We have projects across the United States and around the world, and are familiar with and sensitive to the requirements of different terrains, climates, and jurisdictions.

BEI Construction Logo

BEI Construction, Inc., launched  in 1988, offers electrical, technology infrastructure, underground and renewable energy construction services. Our two companies operate independently except when we collaborate on design/build projects. BEI Construction holds license number 528322, A, B and C-10 in the state of California.

Words We Live By

Blymyer Engineers has a set of core values that are shared by everybody within our organization.


A commitment to quality is the hallmark of our work — from our earliest conceptual design for a project to the final walkthrough.


We constantly seek out new ideas, and we incorporate the best practices we discover into our work.


We value honesty and fairness, whether we’re interacting with employees, contractors or clients.


We view our clients as our partners and work together as a team to identify needs and create solutions.


We’re committed to responding to client questions promptly and thoroughly.