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Blymyer Engineers is a national leader in solar engineering with over 16 GW of engineered plants. Since completing our first solar project in 2003, we’ve engineered hundreds of utility-scale and distributed-generation plants.

Excellence and experience drive our success in solar projects. Having engineered about 15% of the total solar capacity in the United States, we offer electrical, mechanical, structural and civil engineering services for utility-scale and distributed-generation solar systems with end-to-end quality, from energy analysis and modeling through commissioning.

Our optimized designs include a deep understanding of energy economics, including upfront and long-term costs.

Leading the industry in both utility-scale (electricity sold to wholesale utility buyers) and distributed-generation (electricity sold to end-use consumers) solar projects, we are also a primary provider to the California Division of the State Architect, having helped develop the first pre-approved design of solar parking canopies for schools, a protocol that is still used today.

Capturing the energy of the sun is only part of the system, however. Blymyer also provides expert substation and energy storage (BESS) design to ensure grid reliability and provide backup energy for critical enterprises.

Solar Power Energy System Design & Engineering Services

Energy analysis/modeling

  • Review utility bills
  • Investigate facility energy consumption
  • Determine size of PV plant required to offset power requirements
  • Develop PV syst models
  • Optimize PV plant

Feasibility studies

Assess suitability of project site based on

  • Location
  • Topography
  • Shading
  • Geotechnical data
  • Proximity of utilities
  • Site configuration and size

Site assessments

  • Site assessments

Conceptual Design

  • Prepare site plan utilizing various technologies such as PV modules, inverters, and fixed or tracking systems to achieve optimum layout and energy production
  • Prepare electrical single-line diagram
  • Size main feeders

Design Development

  • Detail typical blocks
  • Prepare electrical site plans
  • Determine number of AC circuits
  • Prepare spreadsheet with all DC and AC wire sizes
  • Prepare trench layout

Detailed Electrical Design

  • Prepare all required calculations and analysis on ETAP, including arc flash, thermal, grounding and coordination study
  • Determine size of trenches and finalize grounding design
  • Specify switchgear
  • Finalize all details

Detailed Structural Design

  • Prepare testing requirements for piles
  • Develop L-pile analysis based on geotechnical data
  • Determine pile size and embedment based on geotechnical data or test results
  • Prepare corrosion analysis
  • Design inverter-transformer skids/foundations

Detailed Substation Design

  • Three line diagram
  • Physical layout
  • Controls design
  • Building materials


  • Address all comments from the client, investor, engineer and contractor
  • Prepare final permit set
  • Sign and seal

Project management

  • Coordinate design between client, equipment supplier and other disciplines
  • Interact with client and design team via meetings and conference calls

Construction management

  • Provide continuous support during construction
  • Respond to requests for information (RFIs)
  • Conduct site visits

Commissioning process

  • Review all commissioning documents
  • Determine plant performance compliance with design intent
  • Sign off on final closing documents

Cost estimates

  • Cost estimates

“The level of response and professionalism at Blymyer Engineers is unprecedented. They work closely with our team to ensure the success of the project, and all of our questions are answered promptly and thoroughly.”

— George Hershman, CEO, SOLV Energy

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