Solar engineering projects

Utility scale solar plants

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AL Solar A Project, 72 MWAC

Chambers County, AL, 2017

Single-Axis Tracking. Provided electrical, utility, structural engineering as well as complete and detailed design of 115-34.5kv substation.

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Springbok I and II Solar Plants, 258 MW

Kern County, CA, COD 2016

Provided electrical and structural engineering for two plants on adjacent sites sharing the same substation. Designed to withstand high winds and flood conditions.

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Red Hills Solar Power Plant, 80 MW

Parowan, UT 2015

Single-axis tracking system on a challenging site. Designed and engineered to withstand a high snow load.  Interconnected to Rocky Mountain Power.


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McKenzie Power Plant, 30 MW

Galt, CA 2013

Utility scale plant located on 230 acres of agricultural land. Part of Sacramento Municipal Utility District’s Feed-in Tariff program.

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Mayfair (TA High Desert) Power Plant, 20 MW

Lancaster, CA 2013

Single-axis tracking system located on 218 acres of agricultural land in rural Los Angeles County. Consists of more than 89,000 photovoltaic panels and 40 inverters, all delivering power to the California grid. Acquired by NRG Energy, Inc.

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Kansas South Power Plant, 20 MW

Kings County, CA 2013

Ground-mount, single-axis solar photovoltaic facility located on 203 acres of agricultural land in Kings County, California. Comprised of more than 113,000 PV panels. Acquired by NRG Energy, Inc.

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Kalaeloa, 5 MW

Kalaeloa, HI 2013

Provided complete design and structural and electrical engineering for this ground‐mounted, fixed‐tilt, utility-scale system. At the time, the largest PV system in Hawaii.

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Utility-scale solar site, 5 MW

Tuticorin, India 2012

Provided electrical and structural engineering for a fixed-tilt array designed to accommodate local construction practices

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Dillard Power Plant, 9.4 MW

Sloughhouse, CA 2010 

Topographically challenging site on 90 acres of agricultural land in Sacramento County. Includes single-axis trackers and a ground-mounted, fixed-tilt array. The plant was designed for Recurrent Energy and later acquired by Google.