Environmental Engineering Compliance Services

Navigating environmental regulations

Keeping up with environmental requirements is an increasingly complex task in today’s escalating regulatory climate.

Keeping you on track and on time

With in-depth knowledge of all federal, state and local regulations, Blymyer Engineers ensures that your facilities stay in compliance.

Across-the-board solutions

By taking a comprehensive approach to environmental regulation, we help you minimize your per-facility costs while still fulfilling your obligations. Our services include:

  • Industrial storm water compliance
  • Hazardous Materials Business Plans (HMBPs)
  • Tier II Reporting
  • Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure Plans (SPCCs)

Industrial storm water compliance

We’ve been a leader in industrial storm water compliance since the 1990s, when the EPA began requiring industrial facilities to obtain National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permits. Since then, we’ve helped hundreds of facilities achieve compliance. Our clients range from range from small businesses with a single facility to national transportation companies with terminals from coast-to-coast. Our services include:

  • Assess facility storm water drainage
  • Complete permit applications and renewals
  • Develop site-specific Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPPs)
  • Evaluate the facility for No Exposure Certification (NEC) eligibility
  • Design and construct storm water control and treatment systems
  • Conduct employee webinars to ensure compliance
  • Coordinate storm water sampling
  • Complete and submit annual reports and discharge monitoring reports
  • Track due dates for renewals, reporting and sampling
  • Site visits to conduct audits, evaluations and training
  • Lead on-site workshops and employee trainings

“Blymyer Engineers has provided effective and comprehensive storm water management for our 30 California facilities since 2000. They present dynamic annual training workshops and provide telephone assistance year-round. Their services are invaluable.”

–Director, International Beverage Company

Tier II Reporting & Hazardous Materials Business Plans

For facilities whose work requires the storage of hazardous materials, we provide expert guidance in meeting federal, state and local reporting requirements. Our services include:

Hazardous Material Business Plans

  • Conduct site inspection
  • Assess and inventory hazardous materials and hazardous waste
  • Prepare site map to code
  • Develop Emergency Response Plan and contingency plans
  • Prepare and submit reports via CERS
  • Conduct employee training
  • Ready facility for inspections
  • Recertify existing business plan

Tier II Reporting

  • Assess and inventory hazardous materials and hazardous waste
  • Develop and submit Tier II reports
  • Ready facility for inspections
  • Conduct employee training

Environmental services projects

Environmental services clients