Blymyer Engineers designed close to 400 EV charging stations with more on the way

Blymyer Engineers is seeing a surge in demand for design services related to electric vehicle (EV) charging stations. The Blymyer team has designed close to 400 charging stations—with several new projects starting each week. These stations hold more than 8 to 12 charging stalls. We have designed EV charging stations across North America, with most stations located in the Western United States. 

“The success of electric vehicles requires convenient charging stations,” says Blymyer President Mike Rantz. “President Biden wants as many as 500,000 more charging stations in the United States. We’re doing our part, and we’ve worked with just about all the leading names in EVs and charging, including Tesla, EVgo, Amply, and Rivian.” 

EVgo: Charging stations for all

EVgo operates the largest public EV charging network in the United States. The company has charging stations in 35 states, and the company serves 300,000+ customer accounts. Blymyer has worked with EVgo for several years, and we’re helping the company to rapidly grow its network of more than 850 fast-charging locations. 

Rivian: Charging its trucks and vans 

Blymyer client Rivian makes electric trucks and vans, with deliveries of its first vehicle starting in September of 2021. It’s truck recently earned a rave review from Motor Trend. 

“Rivian EVs offer an appealing combination of performance and utility,” says Rantz. “I made a reservation to purchase one soon after the product specifications were announced.”

EV charging station design services 

Clients come to Blymyer for our experience designing EV charging stations and our end-to-end services. Services delivered on specific projects may vary based on client needs. Blymyer offers the following EV charging station design services: 

• Electrical and structural engineering 

• Conceptual and detailed design, along with as-built documentation 

• Site selection and permitting 

• Technology studies and equipment selection