Solar engineering projects

Distributed generation solar

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City of Geneseo

Geneseo, IL, 2016 

1,000 kW

Electrical Engineering, Structural Engineering.

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Broadway Mall plaza

Walnut Creek, CA, 2016 

1,000 kW

Roof Mount, Canopy Mount.
Electrical Engineering, Project Management, Construction Support.

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City of Salinas

6 sites, 8 systems, City of Solinas CA, 2015 

3,700 kW

Canopy Mount. Ground Mount. Electrical Engineering and Project Management. (photo credit: Solar Industry Magazine)

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Qatar Science & Technology Park

Doha, Qatar 2013

700 kW

Solar modules are supported by custom-made canopies designed to blend with the surrounding architecture.

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7 locations in Central California, 2012

2.8 MW

Rooftop solar systems at seven different Walmart stores in Central California.

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Santa Rita Jail Smart Grid

Dublin, CA 2012

1 MW

Battery back-up addition to the country’s largest CERTS (Consortium for Electric Reliability Technology Solutions) micro-grid with renewable generation and large-scale energy storage.

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U.S. Veterans Administration Hospital

3 locations in Florida and California, 2011-12

5.7 MW

Canopy-design solar systems for three separate U.S. Veterans Administration offices in Tampa, FL, and Martinez and Los Angeles, CA.

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U.S. Marine Corps Base Housing

Camp Lejeune, NC 2011

5.4 MW

Provided preliminary layout, canopy design, and electrical and structural engineering.


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California Institute of Technology

Pasadena, CA 2010

1.4 MW

Provided layout, electrical and structural engineering, construction management, and permitting assistance for seven building projects utilizing various rooftop systems including custom canopies.


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Fresno Yosemite International Airport

Fresno, CA 2007

2 MW

Utilizes a single-axis tracking system. Projected to provide 50% of the airport’s annual power consumption.

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Chateau Montelena Winery

Calistoga, CA 2007

265 kW

Comprised of two solar electric systems, the solar arrays provide 100% of the winery’s annual energy consumption.