Blymyer crosses threshold of 16 gigawatts AC across the United States

In a sign of Blymyer’s growth in the renewable energy design field, they recently passed 16 GW AC in large-scale solar projects and 28 substations. As the overall solar market in the US stands at 80 GW AC, Blymyer’s numbers represent close to 20% of the national market.

Utility-scale solar photovoltaic projects have accelerated in recent years, with 70% of Blymyer’s 16 GW being installed between 2017 and 2022. Since 2020 alone, Blymyer has been involved in 48 large-scale projects throughout the United States resulting in development of 7.8 gigawatts and 28 substations.

Looking ahead, Director of Engineering Greg Mazur says, “In 2023 – 2024, we are gearing up for an increased workload, anticipating 4.5 gigawatts in 2023 and up to 6 gigawatts in 2024. High-voltage design will increase accordingly. We expect our growth to continue as we expand with the market and increase the width and breath of our expertise.”

“Since our first solar project in 2003, we have added the structural and electrical depth to excel at utility-scale solar PV, now a rapidly growing part of our portfolio, which also includes wind, battery energy storage systems (BESS), EV charging station design, substation design, DSA permitting, project management, construction support, and microgrid services” adds President Mike Rantz.

Blymyer plans to increase staffing to support the anticipated growth.