Engineering the future of renewable energy, end-to-end

The push to design and build a long-term renewable energy infrastructure in this country presents a variety of different challenges and opportunities. Each form of renewable energy has its own set of requirements and parameters—and demands a certain expertise that comes from experience.

Blymyer Engineering is one of the few firms to offer end-to-end renewable design and engineering services for all renewable energy sources. We can take on solar, storage, substation, EV charging and wind projects from analysis and feasibility studies through engineering design and construction. Our multidisciplinary firm includes electrical, mechanical, structural, environmental, and civil engineers with a collective body of knowledge and skills to address every aspect of renewable energy engineering.

A unique vantage point, a distinct advantage

“This comprehensive approach allows us to deliver on every part of a project—from initiation and scheduling to site visits and construction,” says Greg Mazur, Director of Engineering at Blymyer. “We can give the client the complete package, and this end-to-end approach allows us to focus on the details that can make or break the success of a project.”

Blymyer understands the specifics of each form of renewable energy, including the particular products, technology, protocols, and approval processes required for each of them—even their respective impacts on the energy grid. This broad expertise gives the firm a unique vantage point on the entire renewable energy industry and a key competitive advantage. Blymyer has become a go-to-resource for a broad range of partners actively engaged in renewable energy infrastructure.

“Of course, if a client prefers, we can be brought in at various stages of a job. With our wide range of capabilities and broad expertise in renewable, we can be as flexible as we need to be. However, having us involved in multiple stages of a project creates economies of scale—resulting in cost savings in the long run,” explains Mazur.

Engagement rooted in commitment

“We’re excited about the progress the renewable energy industry is making in California and throughout the West, and we’re pleased to be an integral part of it,” continues Mazur. “We look forward to new challenges, and remain focused on innovation. The landscape is continually changing. Our designers and engineers are always researching and learning—to stay at the top of our game, so we can only deliver for our clients but exceed their expectations.”