Keeping ahead of transportation compliance requirements

Stormwater compliance for companies with transportation fleets can be daunting, especially in California. The Blymyer Engineers Compliance Group makes staying on top of requirements easier. We’ve been involved in stormwater compliance in California for over 25 years. Our experience—combined with our commitment to keeping up with relevant certifications and regulations—helps us assist some of the largest transportation fleet operators in California.

“SWPPP, IGP, QISP,NAL, ERA—it’s easy to get lost in all the acronyms with stormwater compliance,” says Sue Greenspan, a Qualified Industrial Stormwater Practitioner (QISP) and an Industrial General Permit Trainer of Record (IGP-ToR) with the Blymyer Compliance Group. “But the key for transportation companies is having the right tools, training, and guidance.”

Nina Schittli, a QISP and IGP-ToR with the Blymyer Compliance Group, adds, “Some of our clients operate just a few transportation facilities and others operate dozens within California alone. Whatever a client’s size, we can help develop and communicate compliance plans and needs effectively. For instance, proper sample collection and chain of custody procedures are easier to master with clear training.”

Complying with IGP
In 2015, transportation facility operators—along with many others—began having to comply with the current IGP. Compliance includes a number of components, including monthly facility inspections, analytical sampling, training and reporting. It’s also important to work with a QISP, such as the people on the Blymyer compliance team.

Blymyer tackles compliance by getting started with a kickoff call with you. Then we develop an effective Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP). Next steps include setting up sampling, training on-site personnel, and implementing best practices to prevent sampling exceedances. To keep programs successful, we provide ongoing support, monthly reminders, and annual training.

“The 2015 IGP added some complexity to stormwater compliance for transportation companies,” says Hazel Roberts, a QISP and IGP-ToR with the Blymyer Compliance Group. “At Blymyer, we studied the new requirements and helped clients comply. Having an effective SWPPP is just the beginning. We have the knowhow to help transportation facility operators achieve and maintain compliance while keeping compliance cost under control.”