Superchargers keep Tesla cars moving

Many people are turning to electric cars as their preferred personal vehicle option. The increasing availability of charging stations is making the move to environmentally friendly vehicles even easier, especially for Tesla drivers. Tesla drivers have the option of using a Tesla Supercharger station to recharge while on the go.

According to the Tesla website, Tesla operates a network of more than 1,200 Tesla Supercharger stations worldwide. The company is rapidly expanding its global network of Superchargers, and plans to open 90+ new stations in California soon. Blymyer Engineers is under contract to design a significant portion of these charging stations.

For the charging stations we’re working on, the Blymyer team will be delivering architectural services as well as the complete mechanical, structural, and electrical design. Blymyer is pleased to be playing a role in Tesla’s effort to offer more charging stations to drivers in California.

A fast charge
When a Tesla driver plugs into a Supercharger station, they can recharge their car in about 30 minutes, which is significantly faster than regular charging. The plan is to locate charging stations throughout California in convenient places, such as shopping centers.

“Drivers can charge while they shop, eat or run an errand, and then return to a charged car. Superchargers are located in areas where it’s very convenient,” says Blymyer’s lead engineer. “Project challenges involve coordinating with the landlord and local planning department, and also ensuring the stalls are accessible and don’t disrupt traffic or parking.”

As the Blymyer team digs into this project, they will be focused on meeting project challenges and delivering effective designs for the charging stations. Learn more about Tesla Superchargers and see where they are located here.