Blymyer Engineers celebrates 10 years in Odessa, Ukraine

Blymyer Engineers founded an office in Odessa, Ukraine, in 2007 to help provide our clients with 24/7 engineering capabilities. We’re pleased to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of its opening. It’s been 10 years of growth and successful collaboration.

The Odessa office operates as an extension of Blymyer’s Alameda, California, office. It’s home to a team of 10 professional engineers. The Odessa team members were chosen to join Blymyer for their expertise in power engineering, alternative energy engineering, electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering.

“Thanks to our teammates in Odessa, we’re able to deliver service to clients around the clock,” says Blymyer Director of Engineering, Greg Mazur. “They combine engineering talent with a commitment to client success. The seamless way our teams in Alameda and Odessa collaborate gives us exceptional bandwidth. We work so well together that it’s hard to believe they are more than 4,500 miles away.”

PV expertise and more
The Odessa office supports a diverse range of project types. The team is capable of providing complete photovoltaic (PV) plant design for distributed-generation and utility-scale projects. This includes complete DC and AC design as well as medium voltage design. The Odessa team also supports the full range of studies required for PV plants, such as eTap and PSLF along with complete substation design, including physical layout, electrical, and protection design.

“Working at Blymyer gives us the opportunity to apply our engineering skills to interesting US-based and international projects every day,” says the lead engineer in Odessa. “PV plant design projects are especially exciting. It’s satisfying to contribute our engineering knowledge to clean, renewable energy projects.”

About Odessa
Located on the Black Sea, Odessa is the third largest city in the Ukraine and is home to more than one million people. The city has a long history as a center of commerce thanks to its warm-water port.