Blymyer Engineers’ reach extends globally, with the team delivering a range of projects in the Bay Area and beyond.

Data from January 1, 2019 to September 1, 2019

Blymyer Engineers is delivering 61 projects at the moment, with solar, battery, and fueling leading the way. From our offices in the Bay Area, Oregon and Ukraine, the Blymyer team is serving clients locally and globally.

“Over our 58-year history, the team has never been busier,” says Blymyer President Mike Rantz. “Thanks to their efforts, our projects once completed will provide an array of vital services. Fleet operators will have safe fueling facilities. Electric vehicle owners will have more charging options. Plus, the total output of our current solar projects will exceed 1,285MW.”

Blymyer Director of Engineering Greg Mazur adds, “There’s no question that the impact adds up. Today, Blymyer offers a range of capabilities across multiple service areas, which has helped to drive our growth. However, the biggest contributor to our success is our employees and clients.