Highlights from PV Systems Symposium 2018

Blymyer Engineers attended the 2018 PV Systems Symposium in New Mexico this past May. We were among the 155 attendees to the 3-day event that featured opportunities to deepen our solar energy expertise and to network with industry peers. Hosted by Sandia National Laboratories, CFV Solar Test Laboratory, and EPRI, the 2018 event included two learning tracks, with one focused on PV performance and the other on grid integration.

Blymyer attendee and senior project manager Chris Gleason shared symposium highlights with the rest of the team. He says, “The PV performance track showcased the findings of dozens of PV experts in a number of areas, such as performance models, solar resource assessment, and measurements and standards. We took in a wealth of information over the course of the symposium that we’ll use to inform our projects.”

“At Blymyer, we value staying on top of developments in all aspects of renewable energy systems,” he adds. “Attending events like the PV Systems Symposium helps keep us in the forefront of the industry. A commitment to continuous learning is a vital—and exciting—part of being on the Blymyer team.”

The research presented at the symposium is available online. Explore presentations and posters from the PV performance track here. Find presentations and posters from the grid integration track here.