Scheid Family Wines meets its power needs with help from Blymyer

Scheid Family Wines, a winemaker based in Monterey County, California, uses a wind turbine to power its winery and bottling operation in Greenfield, California. The 1.85 megawatt turbine generates all the electricity needed to operate the facility. Blymyer Engineers provided electrical design, permitting, and construction support on the project.

4100 megawatt hours of clean energy
Operational in August 2017, Scheid Family Wines’ wind turbine towers 264 feet above the surrounding vineyards, and each of its three propellers stretch 132 feet. Anticipated to produce 4100 MWh annually, the turbine delivers enough power to supply electricity to the winery and to more than 120 homes.

Producing so much renewable energy aligns perfectly with Scheid Family Wines’ commitment to sustainability, which includes recycling 100 percent of its wastewater and practicing low-impact farming. The California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance has certified 100 percent of the company’s estate vineyards.

Part of a global trend
Wind turbines like the one at Scheid Family Wines turn wind into electricity. They are making an increasingly important contribution to reducing reliance on fossil fuels all other the world. According to the Global Wind Energy Council, wind energy produced 486.8 gigawatts of electricity in 2016. It estimates that wind energy production will reach 800 gigawatts by 2021.

In a region known for wind, the turbine installed by Scheid Family Wines fits with the local conditions. Unlike solar, wind turbines are able to generate power at night. The turbine conforms to local zoning laws, and didn’t require removing land from wine production.

Blymyer proud to contribute
The engineers at Blymyer are excited by the increasing importance of wind power. According to Blymyer President Michael Rantz, “Interest in generating renewable power by harnessing the wind has reached the tipping point. Businesses like Scheid Family Wines want to produce more of their own power, and for many, wind is the answer. These sustainable businesses help to create a more sustainable world economy.”

He adds, “At Blymyer, we’re pleased to be able to contribute our engineering knowhow to the trend. From design to permitting and construction, we’re excited about the role that engineering plays in turning a commitment to sustainability into a successful project.”