Staying on top of the latest PV advances at the PV Systems Symposium

2019 PV Systems Symposium
May 14-16, 2019
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Representatives from the Blymyer Engineers team attended the 2019 PV Systems Symposium in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The event brought together more than 185 attendees to share the latest research and advances in the field of PV systems engineering. Hosted by the Sandia National Laboratories, CFV Solar Test Laboratory, and EPRI, the 2019 event took place May 14 through May 16. Learn more about the event on the Sandia website.

“Researchers from leading universities, PV manufacturers, and national labs came together to share recent findings,” says Chris Gleason, a Blymyer senior project manager in attendance. “It was exciting to hear about the latest research directly from the people leading the work. The symposium provides an opportunity for practitioners like me to access cutting-edge insights and share it with colleagues and clients.”

2 days of PV engineering insights
The first day of the symposium focused on solar resource data and modeling, PV performance model updates, and PV performance standards. Day 2 included panels on PV system monitoring and bifacial PV performance modeling along with a poster session. Sarah Cottrell Propst, New Mexico’s cabinet secretary of energy, minerals, and resources opened the event with a keynote address. All presentations from the symposium are available for download on the Sandia website.

“I found the presentations on performance modeling and data analysis particularly timely and relevant to industry trends,” says Gleason. “We may apply some the information gathered as we conduct modeling. Like many of the researchers who presented, we’re focused on enhancing PV performance in real-world applications.”