All Together—Apart—to Deliver at the Same Pace and Quality

Following COVID-related best practices since the public health emergency began hasn’t slowed Blymyer Engineers. By July 2020, the team engineered 1.5 GW of renewable energy. New ways of working present challenges, but our digital workflows, culture of accountability, and history of teamwork set us up for success. 

The Blymyer office remains open due to the essential nature of the services we provide. However, most of the Blymyer team works from home the majority of the time. Digital workflows established prior to the current crisis made it an easy shift for team members to work from home when necessary. 

“We’re still delivering the same quality work at the same pace,” says Blymyer Vice President Greg Mazur. “We engineer essential projects, and we’re committed to delivering as usual. Wearing masks, sanitizing surfaces, and practicing social distancing are now part of the way we work. As is keeping up with the latest requirements and recommendations for workplace safety.”

Keeping perspective

We have the resources we need to keep working productively. Many communities could use more resources to help weather this crisis. Swinerton Renewable Energy, a renewable energy contractor that we work with frequently, took the lead in an effort to help. Blymyer and many other firms in the renewable energy industry joined the effort. 

The Swinerton team told us about a program that makes school at home easier for students who are members of the Navajo Nation. The program distributes learning-from-home kits to students. The program has distributed more than 1,400 kits so far. You can learn more about the program on the Heart of America website. 

“We’re inspired by the community spirit shining through in these trying times,” says Rantz. “Personally, I’m inspired by the teamwork showed by the people at Blymyer. But we’re looking forward to when everyone can get back to the office, every worksite, and to school safely.”