Get to know design/build ally BEI Construction

Blymyer Engineers partners with BEI Construction on many types of design/build projects. BEI Construction delivers electrical, technology infrastructure, underground, and renewable energy construction services in the western United States. Blymyer established BEI in 1988. Today, the two firms operate independently, but when requested by clients, Blymyer and BEI collaborate on design/build projects.

“Having a reliable collaborator for design/build accelerates projects,” says Blymyer President Mike Rantz. “Clients experience an efficient delivery process. BEI Construction offers the construction experience needed to deliver successful projects. It’s uncommon to find one firm that offers the electrical, structural, and underground construction skills called for on renewable energy projects. That combination makes BEI an ideal partner.”

Collaboration in action

The Scheid Wind Power project provides an example of how BEI and Blymyer work together. Blymyer delivered electrical design, permitting, and construction support on the 1.85 MW wind turbine located in Greenfield, California. BEI executed the electrical, underground construction, horizontal boring, switch gear, and civil work on the project. The turbine generates enough power to supply electricity to the Scheid Vineyards winery and more than 120 homes. That’s one example of the many projects Blymyer and BEI have worked on together in the Bay Area and California.

“A trusted partner like BEI gives us an efficiency edge,” says Blymyer Director of Engineering Greg Mazur. “We get fast, reliable answers from the BEI team when we have questions related to construction or project coordination. It reduces the risk of on-site surprises. BEI brings a skilled team and a commitment to excellence to every project.”